About Us


Our Purpose

To see worth and value in broken things, people and situations and come out stronger than before.

" Best from Waste"


The ReUp Studio believes in new beginnings and second chances. We wish to challenge the use and throw mentality we have all adapted with our things and people. We believe that even from brokenness something beautiful can be created. How we do this, is by collecting fabric waste from factories. We treat this waste and use it to make new garments.

Our Core

Hope - Believing we can create Change and make a difference for 'Better Tomorrow'. Believing that discarded objects and people can heal and have fresh start.

Second Chances - Giving opportunity to people and things, Believing and Hoping they are capable of better. Seeing potential where everyone sees failure.

New Beginnings - Discovering Hope and Possibilities and moving beyond limitations. An opportunity to start afresh inspite of looked as discarded, useless or waste.